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Connecting Our Community, Empowering Young Entrepreneurs


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Young Entrepeneurs Expo - Saturday, Oct 21st

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Your Neighborhood Mortgage Expert

Kelly Katalinas

Branch Manager
Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp.
NMLS # 365493 Kelly.katalinas@fairwaymc.com
Questions about Purchasing - Refinancing - Home Improvement - Investing - Reverse Mortgages
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Develop Skills, Make Friends...While Learning about Colleges

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Learn how to plug into the Community Entrepreneurship Fund to support young start-ups and community building initiatives

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Everything in partnership with and promoting our specific Neighborhood Booster

We encourage our neighbors and young entrepreneurs to submit photos to help "decorate" our page to show the places, people, and activities that make our neighborhood specials.
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Meet our Community's Young Entrepreneurs

Join over 50 young entrepreneurs and hundreds of neighbors and community/business leaders at our next Young Entrepreneurs Expo.

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How we connect our communities

Everything in partnership with and promoting our specific Neighborhood Booster

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Discover how to leverage the power of connecting communities and empowering entrepreneurs to grow your sphere of influence

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What People are Saying...

What People Are Saying

Develop Skills, Make Friends...While Learning about Colleges


What People Are Saying

Leadership NoVA - Training Tomorrow's Leaders, Project Managers, and Entrepreneurs Today

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Want to learn more about our Project Managers Group, training and coaching program to give your student cutting edge skills and experiences and networking opportunities that will delight and amaze employers and admissions counselors. Learn more

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Our network of community, business, and educational leaders share their knowledge, experience, and connections to elevate and enrich the leaders of tomorrow.

Jim Bohannon
James Madison James Madison

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Learn more about KidBiz, Inc. and the Neighborhood Boosters.

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Our real estate agents who've adopted neighborhoods (and other partners in their communities)

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Co-Hosts and Co-Sponsors

Our community and business leaders are pitching in to help connect our community and empower young entrepreneurs

About KidBiz, Inc.

Develop Skills, Make Friends...While Learning about Colleges

KidBiz, Inc. works with local educators, community and organizations, and businesses to promote youth entrepreneurship through workshops, networking, online resources, and marketing events like the Children's Business Fair and Young Entrepreneurs Expo. KidBiz believes that kids can "Think Big. Smart Small. Right Now!"

About KidBiz and the Community Entrepreneurship Fund

In addition to sponsoring selling events, coaching/training, and business mentorships and advising, KidBiz, Inc. and your Neighborhood Booster coordinates a Community Entrepreneurship Fund to catalyze start ups, youth development activities, and community initiatives around NoVA. If you'd like to participate - either as a Supporter or an Applicant - please click the "Learn More" button below.
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