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Banksy, Ms. Wilburn, Hayfield SS
September "Teacher's Pets" Challenge
Submit a photo of your furry (or feathered/scaly) friend to enter to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card. Winner will be drawn from all teacher/staff entries on Friday, Sept. 29th!

October Halloween Costume Challenge
Submit a photo of yourself in a favorite Halloween costume (from the past 5 years!) to enter to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card.
CONGRATS TO OUR WINNER (BY RANDOM DRAWING!) - Rachel Pipitone (3rd grade teacher) Newington Forest ES

Our Nov/Dec "Holiday Spirit" challenge will begin on Monday, November 13th!

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Bring a Teacher Appreciation Donuts To Your Favorite School

We are excited to partner with our community agents and our school business booster network to bring donuts, "Deals for Teachers", and door prizes to your school.

Whether you are a principal, a PTA officer, an awesome community oriented real estate agent, or a local business that supports parents, teachers, and students, please email Frazier O'leary - to learn more and get started.

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If you'd like, this event will be shared with our School Business Boosters and promoted through our community e-newsletters and calendars.

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School Business Boosters Network

First Time Homebuyer Workshop - Low Down payment/programs for Teachers

Learn about pre-approval process, downpayment assistance, government programs, gifts, co-borrowers, and more.
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We will be drawing names at the end of the pop up to award the Door Prize! And as a special bonus, we will be delivering a SPECIAL supply of donuts to the which has the most door prize entries!

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Sponsored by: Kelly Katalinas
TAG (Teacher Appreciation Gift) "Grand Prize"
In addition to the Gift Card, each door prize entry will also be entered to win our TAG Grand Prize, a $50.00 Amazon Gift Card (Sponsored by Kelly Katalinas of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp. We will draw on Friday to include all of the participants from the previous week.)

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"Business is Good" Community Networking Calendar

Bring a Teacher Appreciation Pop Up Donuts to Your School

Thank you again for your support of our math and English teams who are going above and beyond for our students. We truly appreciate the support and thankful that others in the community also are showing appreciation.
Carmen Lofton Johnson
Hayfield Secondary
Assistant Principal
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"A man's reach should exceed his grasp. Else what's a heaven for?"

Teacher Appreciation Pop-Up Calendar

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How does a "Teacher Appreciation Pop-Up Donuts" work?

Here are the basics:
1) We have a couple of sponsors (usually real estate agent, lender) who are happy to bring/co-host a pop up donuts and a door prize as a 'give back' to a local school.

2) You choose a date

3) You decide on time (time between teachers arrive and school officially begins) and choose a good 'pop in' venue (front office, teachers lounge, mail room, library)

4) You let the staff know that donuts and door prize are coming (Here's the info/invite link for a previous pop up) (I provide a sample email with all details)

5) We bring 4 dozen donuts and a gift card door prize - greet, take pictures, say and receive 'Thank you's.

6) We leave the gift card with you, do a drawing (from in person and online entries) and email you with winner.

7) We post photos on our social (and love if you do the same) - keeps sponsors happy and eager to continue!

8) Rinse and repeat!

Again - happy to answer any questions -

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Featured Program - Teacher's Pets

Submit a photo of your furry (or scaly or feathered) friend. Participate in our December 'Best in Show' Competition PLUS 'Festive and Furry'!

Salute Their Service
Our FIRST "Teacher's Pets" Drawing for the $100.00 Amazon Gift Card ended on Nov. 11th. Click here to see the winner!
We will be running another "Teacher's Pets" contest in December, part "Best in Show", part "Best Christmas Costume". Submit your pet's picture to be include on our Contest Announcement.

Suggest a Deal/Door Prize

We want your help to identify "local to " businesses which our teachers/staff love to visit and would like discounts/deals/door prizes. Make your suggestion below and we'll reach out to our business network and try to add them to our Deals/Door Prizes list!
And as a special bonus, we will be delivering a SPECIAL supply of donuts to the which has the most door prize entries!
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Deals For Teachers and Door Prizes

We will be distributing a "Deals for Teachers" handout at select Teacher Appreciation Pop-Ups and in teacher mailboxes.

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