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Mr. O'Leary
Hi, my name is Frazier O'leary and, for the past few years, I've been running the O'Leary Academy with lots of original content (HTML 101, Memory Master, Diplomacy Simulation, etc) aimed at teaching, challenging, and supporting homeschoolers and parent-educators. I invite you to explore the Academy to see which of the programs will help you and your student accomplish your goals!.

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About Frazier O'Leary

Frazier is a homeschooling dad to two kids in Alexandria, VA. A former high school history teacher in D.C. and Arlington, VA with a Bachelor of Arts in History and a Masters of Teaching from the University of Virginia, he's been involved in technology, education, and entrepreneurship for 20 years.

In 2013, Frazier began creating a collection of online courses and activities to support local homeschoolers from HTML 101 to Diplomacy Simulation to Memory Masters. Two years and more than 5,000 families/students later, he launched the O'Leary Academy for Gifted Youth to provide more resources and support for homeschooling families and students.

In 2016, Frazier joined Tandem Conglomerate as a senior project manager and is excited to be currently working to roll out a powerful platform to provide support to homeschoolers and parents (as well as public/private school parents who want to more fully leverage online learning tools).

Frazier grew up in Arlington, VA and Washington, DC. Over the past twenty years, he's worked on technology, education, and entrepreneurship projects for the Network for Teaching Entrepreurship, the Stargazier Foundation, the Entrepreneurship Center, and Follett School Solutions. He's a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, a movie enthusiast, and the founder, activities director, and sometimes only participating member of his local chapter of SOFA (the Slightly Overweight Fathers Association).

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Mr. O'Leary likes developing activities and lessons. Some are FULLY COMPLETE and some are just ideas that Mr. O'Leary exploring. Explore some cool classes, engaging activities, fun review tools while connecting with other independent learners in a safe online community.
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What Parents are saying

I've been very thankful for the positive feedback we've received over the past three years for HTML 101, the advanced programming, Chess Club, Diplomacy Simulations, the Stock Market Challenge, and Memory Master. I'm looking forward to hearing YOUR success story!

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Your Term Planner/Teaching Dashboard - The Tools You Need

We are excited to be creating what we're hoping will become your "Must Have" tool for supporting your students in the coming year. We'd love your feedback in making the Teaching Dashboard the best tool to help you integrate the resources from the catalog into your teaching, plan your activities, assignments, and track your students' progress (while making recordkeeping and reporting even easier). Take a look at the list of features and benefits to see what we are planning to include in the launch of the Planner/Dashboard.
Click the button below to become part of our Focus Group to help shape the Dashboard (Focus Group members will get 2 months of complimentary access to the Dashboard once we launch as well as the opportunity to test it out early as part of the July Pilot!)
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X So, I like to think of "Learning Paths" as Comments on STEROIDS. Here you can tell other parent-educators specifcally HOW you used this particular resources - what grade levels, what subjects, and WHICH activities/resources within the sites. And your commentary will be searchable for parents so when they're trying to decide which resources to use for THEIR kids, they can "follow the path" that you've laid out!
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As you can see, there is a lot of fun stuff brewing here. I'm not COMPLETELY ready for you to start saving the results here. - Frazier

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After you’ve explored the catalog to see what our staff and other parent-educators have suggested, here’s your chance to ensure that this catalog meets your specific needs.
Click on 'Suggest a Resource’ to add your own resources.

These can be web sites you like, books, other curricula, or even local co-ops or schools.
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As you’ll see when you move to the next step on the tour, when you add resources that you like and use, not only are you potentially helping introduce other parent-educators to valuable resources, but you are creating your personalized selection of ‘My Resources’.

You’ll be able to use these resources in creating and sharing Subject Plans and, more importantly, integrating these resources into our Teaching Planner (coming in August) where you’ll be able to manage ALL of your online (and off-line) resources and activities in one place!

Whether you’re looking for ideas for new resources to use or just interested to see how other parent-educators are using the curricula or online resources you’re already using, start to explore our ‘Course Catalog’.

You can search by name or use one of the filters – by Subject, by Grade Level, or by available resource types (e.g. video, online lessons, curricula) – to find resources that other parent-educators are using…and HOW they’re using it.

Click on any resource to see commentary from other parent-educators include WHAT SUBJECTS, WHAT GRADE LEVELS, and WHAT TYPES OF RESOURCES they used this specific course or curriculum to teach.

As you’re exploring, we encourage you to share your own experiences and to choose to ‘FLAG’ specific resources, adding the resource to your personal section for future use (see Subject plans and the teaching dashboard below).

The Subject Plans are a way for Parent-Educators to share their answer to the BIG question that Homeschooling parents ask, “So, how are you teaching ____?”.

You can follow our Subject Plan creation wizard to quickly and easily incorporate the answers to the following:

We are busily working on the core teaching tool of the O'Leary Academy site, the functionality that brings our slogan “The Resources You Choose, the Freedom You Want, and the Tools You Need” to life – the Term Planner/Teaching Dashboard.

Take a sneak peek at what you (and your students) will be able to do with this tool and learn how you can help shape and test the Dashboard as part of our focus group.

The O'Leary Academy site gets better as more parent-educators connect, comment, and contribute. You can even create your own mini-community of trusted parent-educators.

Click the button below to get your personalized link and suggested text (for an email or posting to your group) to share. You can even choose to get notified when people you invite register and join (so that you can add them to your Circle of trusted members).

Have your kids watch the interactive map to see markers pop up around your state, the country, and even the world as you see the impact of your willingness to share resources with other parent-educators.

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